Trying to Model Vacuum Hose

Here is an example of what I am trying to model:

Here is the first result near the end where I did a 1 Rail Sweep (along a helix with a rounded rectangle).

Not perfect but close… I thought… until I looked at the remainder of the helix and the sweep.

I tried to rebuild the helix, change the sweep settings but only different versions of the irregular sweep was the result.
Thank You in advance if you have the solution.
Regards, Greg

Here is the Rhino 5 file:
Vacuum Hose File.3dm (225.5 KB)

The Black interior is a pipe (no ends) and the Pink Helix is a Sweep 1 Rail of a rounded rectangle based on the original helix curve.

Hi Greg,

In Basis what you need to do is model the hose in a vertical position and use the Flow command to flow it over a 3Dcurve to prevent the twisting.

Also have a look at this thread it covers a shower-hose with the same topology as your hose.


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That was an excellent link…Thank you Willem!
and Thanks to Holo for the solutions.