Shower hose

i would like draw a shower hose:

the most obvious method colul be draw a pipe path (Green) magenta , an helix around (blue) and surface 1 rail , then boolean difference and voila!
But … the red thing keeps twisting by himself while going …
Other way : OffsetCrvOnSrf the helix then some surface between 2 helices, create a solid and boolean difference. No way the offset create miriads of curves that not join and the distance between the helices varies along the path.

is there a way to get the thing working?

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  1. Have you looked at the suggestion while you created the topic?

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Would not actually posting a link have been even more helpful?

I think it’s a statement on proper forum etiquette. :wink:

First search or even just look at suggestions, then post.

I’m entertained my post still gets activity after so many years :smiley:

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Try with straight helix and Flow, than use mesh or subd.
‘Mesh is faster than Subd’

Shower (28.1 KB)

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