Trying to Make2D

After installing Win10 I am constantly experiencing problems. The system hangs for a minute (or five) and in general is incredibly slow. It is Microsoft to blame but on the same time it affects other application. I don’t even know what that message means…

I’ve never seen that before, but searching around the internet it looks like it might be related to a problem with the .NET framework installation on your computer.

Did you upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10? If so, it might be fastest to do a clean install of Windows 10.

Otherwise, try out the .NET framework repair tool. Please let me know how this goes.

Hi Brian.
I’ve ‘repaired’ the NET and it seems that Make2D works again, but to be honest,I have tried it on a file with about x100 less polygons. I will give it a try on a complex model at work tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

When you got the error message, did the Make2D dialog ever even show up? If the dialog didn’t even show up, it may have been related to a bug I just fixed about an hour ago.

Don’t really remember. I think there wasn’t the dialog but I’m not sure.

Oooops. M2D crashed without dialog on a complex model. Report has been sent to McNeel.

This is the bug I was referring to that I fixed yesterday. You should see this fix in the next WIP

Just to let you know.
M2D have successfully passed heavy model test (with pleasing results).
I also like the new intro graphic.

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