Trying to make this surface is going to make my hair fallout, help


As the title says, I’m 27 years old and have been using rhino since I was 12 it has been at least a decade since I have legitimately been unable to figure something out but this has me stumped

I’m trying to do this crossguard similar to the reference image, the top half I was able to sweep2 without issue to make the general shape

however, I have been stuck with the bottom half trying to make the shape so that it has a circular port for the grip to merge into the closest I’ve gotten was with curve network but I cant network all of my curves unless I join them into 4 poly curves but when I do that the resulting networked surface has these rounded corners in some areas what would y’all suggest I do?

Dagger issues.3dm (505.2 KB)

When it comes to Nurbs, Simplicity is Sanity, generally speaking when using Sweep2 is intended for a rail / profile surface. The software gets confused when a curve can be neither a profile nor a rail.

I wonder why you don’t just mirror the sweep and trim it, like the below:

If you are very particular about the termination end, I’d just trim it further and use a blend surface to build a smooth connection Surface.

Dagger issues_tay.0.3dm (3.7 MB)