Trying to find a way to "shrink wrap" a 2d curve

I’m setting up a stack of curves in OpenNest, but unless they are very simple it runs really slow.

I’d like to be able to make a sort of detailed bounding box, or shrink wrap the curves to strike balance between nesting efficiency and speed of the component.

As a work around for now I try to simplify the curves as much as possible, but workable curves still have too many vertices and slow down OpenNest. Is there a way to wrap a closed polygon, kind of like shrink wrapping it with control over the detail?

The problem with just simplifying the curves is that eventually they just get clipped and shrink, this won’t work for a packing algorithm like OpenNest.

**Edit: What I usually do is use as simple of a “placeholder” curve as possible and then use the transform data from OpenNest to put the complex smooth curve into the actual sheet. (47.5 KB)

You can use the standard Convex Hull component.

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Thanks @AndersDeleuran is there a way to get more detail into a convex hull? So it follows the in’s and out’s of a curve?

I believe @Dani_Abalde’s SuperDelaunay plugin includes an ‘Alpha Shape’ component, which would let you wrap concave shapes more tightly

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That plugin is incredible, thanks for recommending it. Here is how I ended up using it. It seems that there must be enough vertices inside the shape to get the wrapping effect to work and TriRemesh was in the “fast enough” category (though something faster would be better).

Overall goal is to get a balance between speed of rebuilding these curves and feeding them back into OpenNest for packing iterations, since OpenNest slows down with too many vertices.

Although, just simplifying the initial curves still comes really close in terms of speed and reduced vertices while keeping the same basic shape of the curve:

Must be a tricky to problem to solve between simplifying boundaries and packing curves.