Super delaunay for curve simplification

I’m trying to greatly simplify a set of curves so that they can be nested efficiently with OpenNest.

Super delaunay seems to be perfect for what I’m after, but it fails to create a closed boundary on some meshes.

You can see the failed objects as unshaded in the image below. They are seemingly random.

What can I do to stop this failing?
Is there a better method? I want to remove small concave details while retaining large ones.
I’m not worried about the process time for this preprocessing as the nesting time will be orders of magnitude larger. (15.4 KB)
SuperDTest.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi @Hamish2 , how accurate does it have to be for nesting?

This seems to produce fairly accurate and fast results. (10.1 KB)

Most of the time if I want to suppress little details, I use 2 offsets, one time UP one time DOWN. I use Clipper as it is good for polylines.

Simplify shape (608.1 KB)



This method seems to work quite well for what I’m after.

However, when I use it in my full use case with OpenNest, I have a problem with transforming the original curves.

I assume I need to graft/flatten etc. somehow, but I don’t really have an understanding of how they work or how to make it work for me.

SuperDTest.3dm (1.3 MB) (17.9 KB)