Trying to create a void in my floors using solid difference

Tried to use solid difference as my knowledge on Boolean is very limited.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Residential concept mass 8.3dm (1.1 MB)
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It appears that the upload of your GH file has failed (10 minutes has passed and it still says “Uploading…”), please try again.


I going to upload it again

Attempt (22.7 KB)
Residential concept mass 8.3dm (1.1 MB)

Apparently there is a void in the floors on the file. I think it’s the preview that gives you the impression that the boolean difference didn’t work

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As @paco-paco said, your solid difference operation was sucessful as you can see here.

The view was just obscured by the other geometry in your file. As you are creating a GH definition, it is helpful to turn off the preview of upstream geometry when you don’t need to see it any more.

In general you will want to avoid boolean operations if possible because they tend to take a lot of processing time. Your file isn’t very complex so it isn’t apparent but it is best to get in the habit of using other methods if possible.

I’ve simplified this part of your file to this:

Attempt (29.2 KB)

Still references geometry from your Rhino file posted above:



Thank you so much for simplifying this for me! If I have anymore questions, I will message you!