Solid Difference fails in a simple operation

Hi everyone,

I am trying to substract these 4 circles to the vertical surfaces. I think I am using the right data structure however, it does not seem to work. Does anyone know what is happening?

If I isolate the branches I want it seems to work but not with all the data tree

Thanks in advance

Solid (13.6 KB)

Graft A

Solid (12.4 KB)

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What is the reason for that? I cannot understand why if the surfaces are in the same branch the boolean command does not work.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

None of the inputs are solids but this looks like a data tree problem to me:

Solid (11.7 KB)


Thanks for your reply @Joseph_Oster ,

But both data trees seems to be right, isn’t it? The thing is that I want to keep the data structure (with separated vertical surfaces as it is), that’s very important to solve the problem I want.

just add a simplify the out put u keep the original data tree

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That works with SrfSplit.

Solid (13.9 KB)


This works too:

Solid (21.6 KB)


Thank you for all the answers! :slight_smile:

Same as version ‘b’ above except sorting by edge length instead of area.

Solid (16.7 KB)