Solid difference not working (newbie)

Hi everyone,
I kindly ask for help with this solid difference issue.R00_Codigo (47.3 KB)
I need to extrude this smaller solid of the wall (using the existing window to create a door) and I don’t know exactly why but it is not working. For educational purposes I can not create a new solid to delete it, I need it to be the solid created using as a base this window.

Boolean struggles with faces which are coplanar

You will have to create a solid for the subtraction that is somewhat larger for the boolean to succeed. So I have scaled the volume: R00_Codigo (39.0 KB)
How did you create the meshes in the first place, are they imported?
If you want all the surfaces from an output to be joined into a brep you should flatten, there were multiple branches in the data tree.