Trying to build grasshopper plugin with embed Chromium browser

Hi Community! I’m trying to build a grasshopper plugin with embed Chromium browser.

I’m using CefSharp for the Chromium embed framework.

When I debug in Visual Studio 2017 , the plugin is working just fine,but when I move all debug files to grasshopper component folder aka C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Grasshopper/Libraries/

Everything show up except browser, I’ve checked the Rhino console ,there is nothing missed , all assembly is loaded. But there is more than *.dll files needed to be load,the CefSharp need other files too,such as pak file,dat file,bin file and exe file.

This is the list for CerSharp need to be load.

I have no idea where went wrong,in that case I can’t share my plugins with my friends.

Can anyone help me?

I have some experience with developing Cef sharp plugins for Rhino. Can you share some more information about the problem? What do you mean with “Everything shows up except browser”? Make sure that all files (as you said - dlls, exe, dat etc) are in your library folder. Also make sure you compile against x64.

Hi ! emilpoulsen, thanks for your reply , I’m trying to build a embed Chromium browser in Grasshopper .
My issue is when I’m debugging the component with Visual Studio 2017 I can get a browser window in my Grasshopper, but when I put all debug file in /bin/ folder to another computer ,this component dosen’t work.
Recently , a friend of mine tell me make sure my plugin folder is in my computer environment varibal, and after I make this happen , my plugin can work with another computer! So this issue is solved.

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