Grasshopper Plug-in can't load assembly

I’m working on what I thought was a rather straight forward plug-in for grasshopper and coded it initially in c# and had it working. I put it into the GH Component setup and have no errors in Visual Studio, but when I go to run it in GH I receive the error that it is unable to load the assembly or file. I’m pretty new to plug-in development and have used other references, mainly Json.NET and am not sure where to start?


Hi Karls,
It looks like you might not have copied a file across, is SlimDX one of your namespaces?
If it is, you will need to copy the file to the component setup folder. Make sure to unblock the reference.

It might be safe to copy the file from wherever it is just to be safe. Otherwise I’m not too sure what is wrong then.

hmmm… the SlimDX.dll is in the folder.

Can you try attaching Visual studio to rhino before you start grasshopper and see if there are any errors there.
Also are you sure the file is unblocked?

The SlimDX.dll is unblocked. I attached it to rhino and no error or message are called, grasshopper can’t load the dll, I suspect.

Theres a newer .NET wrapper of the DirectX API, SharpDX, I will try using that one instead.