Troubleshooting the Offset-Text-In-Tags Bug

To compensate for the bug where text in tags prints up and to the right of the centre of the tag (so that the tag’s boundary crosses over the text); it works in my project to explode the generated element containing the tag and move the tag’s text to compensate, so that the registration bug moves the text over to the correct position when it prints.

But as the below gif shows, saving the project (SaveSmall is an SS alias in my setup) causes the text to generate in the former position so that there are then two copies of any moved tag text. It appears to happen no matter how many times the text object is exploded before its moved.

Hi @djhg,

The text offset seems like a bug in Rhino 6 SR7, so I recommend you to revert to Rhino 6 SR6 in order to use VisualARQ. The duplicated text object may be also a bug in Rhino, but we’ll try to reproduce it here and see if it is related to VisualARQ.


Thanks Enric but I’ve been through this repeatedly with Francesc. SR6 won’t print with AO without crashing, only SR7 will, and AO’s my only hope for a (semi)shadowed illustration style because no version of Rhino will render shadows from Va objects which are outside of the field of view.

F’s suggested another way to correct the registration bug but it’s unfeasibly cumbersome and just as temporary.