Documentation Text Anomalies

Text issues in Spaces and Tables.

  1. It’s coming in out of registration, and I can’t see where to adjust that in Styles:

  2. It’s 3x bigger in a Plan View than in the model:


  1. This is an error that only happens in Rhino 6.5. You can either wait for the next 6.6 version update or downgrade to Rhino 6.4.
  2. This happens because the labels in plan views are taking the Text size of plan view style. You can modify that from the plan view styles dialog (vaPlanViewStyles) and set the same text size than Spaces: image
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Thx. Please let me know if you have any idea when 6.6 will be out.

You could set your updates to check for release candidates instead of final service releases. That way you can already run a 6.6 version now.

Are there other issues with text in tablese about which I should be aware? I am noticing that as time goes on working with projects I am learning on, text is vanishing altogether from tables.

This issue happens with objects that have texts: spaces, tables, sections, stairs… It also happens with the Scale icon and the Elevation reference marks in viewports.

I’m using Release Candidate SR7 now and Tables are registered properly, and tags are displaying alright, but in a project I’ll transmit, they’re printing (but not displaying) offset like this:

I’ll upload the project to drop box in case that’ll help.

@djhg did you have that problem in Rhino 6.6? Yes, share the file please.

I see that I shared the screen cap by mistake. Will share the project in a moment.

I don’t recall, but if I go back to 6.6 I don’t have an acceptable Render Mode to use. Shadows still won’t cast from objects outside the view on either release, and printing with AO (which I’d rather use) crashes Rhino in 6.6 but not in 6.7.

So I still need a work-around. Can I create an offset block for the surrounding object to match the offset text? I tried it but couldn’t get it to work.

This error will be fixed in VisualARQ 2.3 version.