VisualArq, Tag Bug

@enric, @fsalla,

The 2.11 updated messed with tag display in perpendicular top views. As soon as the view is slightly rotated, tags look as they previously looked. Please see the images below. Is there any setting to resolve this? If not, could you provide us with the installer of the last version to roll back? We have to produce plans a.s.a.p.

Edit: The bug only shows when “Toggle Cut Plane” is on.

Wrong tag shape, top plan:

Correct tag shaped, view slightly rotated:

Thanks for your timely answer.

Hi @silvano

If they were created with a previous VisualARQ version, their 3D representation may need to be updated. Try to select them and run the vaUpdate command.

Let me know if that fixes the issue.



Hi @enric

Thanks for the quick response. After vaUpdate they display incorrectly no matter the display style, 3D/2D or “Toggle Cut Plane”. To me it seems the outline box is offset very far from the actual text. My model is in meters and layout space is in mm.

I made a new test style and tagged a window. Same result (marked blue in image below).

I sent you a d.m. with the model. Can you reproduce the issue?

Thanks - S

Hi @silvano

I cannot reproduce the issue. Please, send me the model by email to or using a service like WeTransfer.



Hi @silvano,

I found the problem: VisualARQ 2.11 tags uses a margin of the same size as the text height. This margin was calculated from the text object height in previous versions, but as tags now support multiple lines, we had to change it only to use the text style height.

But the new margin doesn’t take into account the model scale. I’m going to fix this for VisualARQ 2.11.1, which should be released next week.



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