Selecting Only Exploded Tag Text

It doesn’t seem possible in expected ways.
Even with only “other” selected in Rhino’s selection filter.

The only way seems to be to do it backwards by deselecting everything else:
LockAllLayersExceptTags > ctrl+A(selects tags and text) > EnableSelFilter > Uncheck All But “Curves” > ctrl-lasso tags to deselect tag curves > only text is selected.

It’s a pain, isn’t it. But it’s the only way to be able to move all the tag text to compensate for the tag offset and get a legible print.

But it doesn’t work. Each time it’s printed the text reappears until the tag area is cluttered with unwanted text objects. which become unselectable individually but only as a group, which makes it impossible to choose only one set of them to move them into position.

@djhg the error of offset tag texts when printing them has been fixed in the upcoming VisualARQ 2.3.
So having that fixed you don’t need to explode the tags and move their texts manually.

In any case, in the VisualARQ 2.3 version we have also fixed the issue of selecting texts of exploded tags. You will just need to:

  1. Isolate the layer where the tags are located.
  2. Select all tags (vaSelTag command) and explode them.
  3. Select the texts (SelText) and move them wherever you wish.
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That doesn’t work. ONce it’s printed or saved they reappear in their original location, as mentioned in my post.

Hi @djhg,

As Francesc Salla has mentioned, this bug is already fixed in VisualARQ 2.3. So it won’t work in VisualARQ 2.2.

Let me explain the problem: Rhino 6 added many more new features for annotations, but one of them, global model and layout scaling for texts is a big problem for VisualARQ objects with text, specially plan and section view, because they are like snapshots, so they should look the same, no matter the view zoom level.

So, the only solution we found to have texts that doesn’t scale was to create our custom text object. But out text object is not a real Rhino text, so it is not selected when using the SelText command. There are other issues that we discovered later, like some misplacement in certain scenarios, and that they are not saved in the 3DM.

But recently, McNeel fixed this problem adding a flag for text objects to mark them as non-scalable. This flag is only accessible by plugins, I think there is no UI for users. I think the flag is available from Rhino 6.5 or Rhino 6.6, I can’t remember. VisualARQ 2.3 is now using native Rhino text objects this flag set to true (ignore scaling), so all these issues should be gone.



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Thanks Enric. I was confused: F was explaining a work-around to an issue he was saying wouldn’t exist in 2.3, so I thought he was referring back to 2.2.

I look forward to adopting 2.3 when the usual issues with updates of any software have been troubleshot. It’s been hectic for me working through the 2.2 issues over recent months. I now know an abundance of work-arounds for 2.2 and I’m going to stay with it for the moment.