Grasshopper Solid Union Error


(Hamzafarooq03) #1

Hi Everyone,

I have created some surfaces in rhino and bought them across into grasshopper and capped all the surfaces into solids. However, when I try to merge the solid objects into one I get this error sign?

To create the surfaces I have used the loft tool in rhino. Some of these overlap to create tree branches. When you scale one of the branches down they seem to merge perfectly. I have too many trees to manually go around and scale every branch down. Is there an alternative way to resolve this?

Thank you!

(Lando Schumpich) #2

Maybe “JoinBreps” on the uncapped surfaces will work better.

Can you upload a file with a part of your geometry?

What is your goal, visualization, fabrication? Does it have to be breps or could it be meshes instead?

(Hamzafarooq03) #3

Hi Lando,

Thank you for your reply, i ended up manually doing all the trees on the site. I did try and complete this as messes and still failed. But thank you for the suggestion.