Lofting 2 datas structures


I am stuck with a simple data matching issue just trying to use weave and loft to create a structure, I have it mostly done but seem to be missing a small important piece of information to make it loft any help would be useful thanks (24.4 KB)

Try this (24.9 KB)

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Was it “simple”? :man_facepalming:

haha I had an issue will a null pattern and didn’t know how to get rid of it! Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, I take it back it’s so complex but maybe simple a master like yourself! I have been trying to draw this line to join the endpoints I have managed but I’ve been stuck for hours! Do you know why?? I have managed to connect some of the vertices how I want but not the midpoints.

Black lines are the ones I’ve done,
Red are the ones I need
Green central pole, Also the red and black segments I will rotate like an umbrella that folds in,


New (34.7 KB) Joseph