Trouble with baking in Elefront

I notice that when I bake curves through Elefront in pre-existing Rhino layers, the properties of these layers are modified (line type, print thickness particulary). Is this normal?

Version 6 SR21 (6.21.19351.9141, 12/17/2019) Windows 10

When you target pre-existing layers (and even new ones) you should specify those properties.
I believe elefront has default values that override the layers (?)
I’m usually using Human from @andheum

Note : I checked with Elefront just now.
take the define layer component, zoom, and hit the plus buttons.
That will allow you to insert line type, thickness, color, …
Then use that into bake component :slight_smile:


On Elefront page

Fixed bake object bug that override the layer color. Fixed bake object bug that does not assign material to the correct name.

Human is OK, thank you

Define layer zoom… I never thought of this. Brilliant!

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