Baking Objects back to their original Layers from Rhino

Hi there folks
My question is rather simple: I’m importing 30 Meshes from 30 different layers(so I know the number of each mesh). Now the Meshes are moved around and intersected with each other and at the end I have the same number of meshes. Can I bake them back into their original layers somehow?

Yup, Human or Elefront plugins can read and assign Rhino attributes when baking.

And with what component would I do that than? I dont want to manually assign the layers but read it from the rhino original.

Elefront Version (7.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot :)!

Do note that if you assign a Bakename (only 1, not branched) to the bake component (N) it will overwrite the last baked objects with the same name.

I see that this discussion has been resolved already, but here’s the Human-equivalent of baking to objects’ original layers. (20.7 KB)