Elefront Layer Bake error

Hi All,

I tried baking with elefront by assigning layer names to attributes but it couldnt bake please help.

elefront_layer_bug.gh (17.7 KB)

Works like a charm here… What does the orange box message say?

“1. Something went wrong. Please double-triple check your data tree structures to see if they all line up”

Mmh last version of elefront and rhino? I don’t see why it doesn’t work…

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User error, not a bug.

each element getting baked should end up with its own attribute in this case. You can generalize if say you wanted all to be on one layer, but not if you have unique items for each attribute. *do note that bakename can only be 1 item, not branched or a list.

still not working for me

use a button, vs the Boolean toggle.

ok I reinstalled elefront latest version and it works like charm

installed latest now and it works