About Ngon work

Hi! I’ve recently started to work with Ngon plugin and very liked it. But sometimes I cant’ understand how it works. For example: I have a triangular mesh, but at the output I get completely different. And second moment: when I use “Weld mesh” the mesh structure also trasforms. What is the problem? How can I solve it? With kind regards…

mesh_trbl.gh (1.5 MB)

I haven’t used that add-on myself yet… I found a contact email on https://www.food4rhino.com/app/ngon though you could ask if nobody knows here.

Maybe @Petras_Vestartas could help here.



Can you attach the file?

On the left I believe I see ngon mesh, and on the right the mesh faces of ngons. Which is normal behaviour, because rhino displays ngon faces instead of mesh faces.

It depends on component, the screenshot I see is that the topology is triangulated using additional centre point. Welding usually changes the topology because points are merged.

If you would explain what you are trying to do, I might get a better answer.

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There is a file in the original post, I think the part from the scrrenshot is there in the right upper corner:

If I understand you the triangulation of the original mesh is how Rhino represents the N-Gon.
I am surprised since it were tri-meshes, I would have thought in that case the mesh could stay as it was,at least in the parts wehe it was not cut.

I hope this helps to understand the methods used in the components:

So you can do kind of minimal surfaces by simply changing boundary vertices and applying several iterations. The T is the threshold to check whether the closest point from naked point to curve is within that limit.