TriRemesh + Relaxation

Dear all,
Overall, I want to get a boundary mesh edge of a complex geo by using TriRemesh from @DanielPiker before using Kangaroo for mesh relaxation

  1. TriRemesh perfectly is what I need.
  2. However to get boundary edges as mentioned, I join mesh and the previous mesh pattern change (breaking into even smaller mesh) and can not get the boundary edge.

    I attach my gh. Any help is appreciate.
    Thank you in advance (45.9 KB)

Do you mean you want the naked edges of the remeshed result?
If so you can do it like this:

In your second screenshot you are getting the boundary of each triangle and making a separate mesh within each one.

Ah, I think maybe I guessed what you want - is it the boundary of each patch like this?

We can use ExplodeAtUnweldedEdges to get this. It doesn’t exist as a standard component, but it can be a one line script: (46.6 KB)

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Dear Daniel, thank you. just get it wrong. However, could you please. help to check at the edge at conical part.some broken meshes

That’s odd, I’m not seeing that result here:

Which file exactly is giving you that error?

Dear Daniel this file: (60.4 KB)
By the way, just continue from your advice. Your work is beautiful. Doing form finding for tensile fabric is much more easy now

@DanielPiker May I ask any way to control the sag A . For now after relaxation mesh is at “2” but I want at “1” (21.8 KB)

I’m still not seeing any error in the mesh of your triRemesh2 file.

About changing the shape - here are 3 options:

  1. Increase the LengthFactor value
  2. Use a quad mesh, divide into warp and weft directions and set different tensions for each
  3. Add a Volume or Pressure goal