Mesh Edges Relaxation

I could use some help with the relaxation of the naked edges of a split Mesh.
It worked well with a simpler test mesh, but with the given Geometrie the edges stay rough and after a while the blob just collapses.
First I tried it with ConstantTension than with the EdgeLength component, both with the original Mesh and a simplified Mesh through MeshFromPolylines.

It goes from:


Here is my Deifinition: (165.4 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @marinus.schurer

I don’t understand what you are aiming for here.

If you relax the edge lengths of a floating mesh with no other constraints then crumpling or collapsing is an expected result.

If the aim is to relax the boundaries of the different patches while keeping the surface shape, you would need to also pull the vertices onto the joined original mesh like this (161.8 KB)

Pulling these jagged lines smooth without changing the mesh will result in some tiny or squashed triangles though, so you may want to change the triangulation.

For example, here’s how you could make patches with smooth boundaries wrapping your original mesh. (125.0 KB)


Thank you Daniel,
the first solution seams to work fine.
The aim is to create a definition for the Production of a “wild” Pneu.

Thank You again!