Pattern fitting with boundary and guide curves

Dear Forum Community Members,

Hello! I am working on a process to fit a regular triangulated mesh into a boundary curve. I was hoping Kangaroo could help me shrink the mesh geometry and fit along this curved region. The reason why I made the triangulated mesh from the curve’s bounding rectangle was that I wanted to have a simpler edge loop topology, but I ended up having a very strange result. Besides, I also have 2 inner curves and I was hoping if I would be able to automatically select any part of the edge loop vertices to fit onto these guide curves?
So in short, my questions are:
1. Is it possible to use a bounding mesh and fit it back into an enclosed curve?
2. How can I better the mesh topology by fitting some edge loop parts onto the inner guiding curves?

pattern refitting using (46.1 KB)

You can use TriRemesh. Kangaroo is not required to create the mesh. (17.3 KB)


Hello Martin, I did try TriRemesh, however, the thing is that the vertices are sort of in an irregular pattern, I hoped to just let each vertex have 6 sides which equals 3 edge loops in different directions.

To keep the topology regular but stretching to fit the boundaries you could use an approach like this:

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That’s great! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Hi Daniel, I was wondering if it would be possible that you could let me know your way of simplifying the “s” curve into polylines fitting to the mesh edge topology?
I used your previous script to produce a very ideal result for my curve, but I mannually drew the bounding polygonal by referencing the mesh edges in rhino. I was wondering whether there could be ways for gh to help me produce a similar or even better polygon?
dot distribute_irregular curved (44.2 KB)

Hi Daniel,

I tried to use Convex Hull from gh, but it seemed like it would ignore the concave angles as shown from my mannually drawn polylines. I was wondering if you could let me know how you used gh to create the polyline to approximate the “s” shape?