Triple Hexagon Weave

Hey Guys, im desperatly trying to get a fix on my Triple Hexagon Weave. In general my definition works for what its supposed to do. A triple hexagon weave with individualy adjustable modul perforation and height for multi objective optimisations with ladybug and Octopus. Its for an architectural Project in my studies and will turn into a lightweight fabric structure at the end. But there are some little nasty edges that i cant get rid of. I marked them on one of the Pictures. I think part of the Problem is that i am creating a ruled surface between a closed and a periodic curve. Is there any possibility to get a closed curve periodic without loosing its form. Would be great if someone could give me a hint or even has a total different approach that i could follow. Many thanks in advance from Frankfurt, Germany. Sandro

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Internalize the Surface data.


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sorry here is the new one (453.3 KB)

Try to make a surface from patch and split the inner side. However this option is not a good solution for optimization since it’s heavy to compute.

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Thanks alot, this approach fixes the edge problem but leads to an inaccuracy between the surfaces. Ill keep on trying

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Why not using Mesh instead? (29.4 KB)


Thank you so much. This is solving my problems. Great Job sir!