How to model Kagome weave on monkey saddle curve

test module.3dm (5.8 MB)

We wanted to build the weave on the surface of the saddle curve in order to extract the length of each of the strips and mark the intersections. We have tried projecting the pattern onto the surface using “project” and “map to surface”, “morph surface” but all these commands warp the weave and are not precise for digital fabrication strategies. We want to limit use of material and use the 3d model for this. We have also tried the digital substance script and component and they do not model a weave. Ideally we would like the divide lines perpendicular to the arcs and run the weave through the division almost as a grid. Any help is much appreciate d to create a script for an accurate pattern for digital fabrication :slight_smile:

kagome pattern on saddle (17.4 KB)