Trimming non planar curves

Hi there,

I 'm trying to trim some non planar curves, and i can’t do it no matter what i tried and searched.
At first i thought it would be easy, but i am missing something.
I’ve tried trimming my curves where they intersect , trimming my brep after(which i managed to split the brep, but didn’t managed dispatch the excess surfaces with list item) , but didn’t achieved what i was looking for.
Both solutions are acceptable for me, though , i’d prefer trimming the curves, in order to avoid “patching” my brep afterwards.
I’m new to grasshopper and i’m unfamiliar with some it’s terminology. (19.9 KB)

Instead of dealing with solid trimming and Booleans, I think it is easier to start with your input curves, make sure you resolve intersections or better yet to generate with packing conditions that they don’t intersect to start with. If you have non-intersecting input curves, the you can loft or offset to create the solids without any intersections.

Thanks for your reply,
But the point is i need them to intersect, just remove the excess surfaces i marked.

I’ve tried whatever related to that and can’t figure it out.
So to be clear, so far i’ve managed to come close to the solution using “plane trim surface” using my outer “lofted” surfacesand their planes to trim them, but i cant list out the surfaces out of the planes.

Can you share your latest solution?

Sorry for the late response
All these days i’ve tried many things, but the real solution is exactly what you mentioned Rajaa.
I don’t know a way to create the packing conditions you say.

On the attached files you’ll see that i need my curves to intersect.
So i have to
Find the intersection points → draw lines → project each line to the corresponding curves → trim the excess region of each curve.
But i can’t do it on a sphere.
Maybe there is an simpler way, i’ m not aware of.

Thanks. (9.9 KB)