Shattering and trimming curves at intersecting point

Hi, I was able to pick up the intersection of the blue curves and the red curve that goes around.
I have been trying to trim the blue curves from the intersection outwards of the red curve, but have been unsuccessful.

It seems like a very simple task but can’t seem to figure out…
A little help would be awesome, thanks.

necdevice_211213_C03.3dm (488.9 KB) (25.6 KB)

What is the pufferfish component just down stream from your crv components?


And when I open your Rhino file it appears empty?


after the Brep|Brep intersection you get several pieces of curve that have ends in common but are not joined together: joining them before the Curve|Curve intersection kinds of solves the problem by itself? :slight_smile: (26.2 KB)

Hi Bill.

Sorry the layers were turned off.

Hi inno,

so magical.

Thank you so much for the help!!!

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