Trimming Issus in GH

Hi there, am having some issues with Trim Region component. The curves wont trim properly. Have tried to pull the curves to the surface before trimming but am still unsure why its not trimming properly, will really appreciate the help.

Trimming Issue.3dm (1.8 MB) Trimming (22.1 KB)

This could be one way.

Trimming (58.4 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim, thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it ! Have tried to manipulate around the slider for the offset curve on surface, and am not sure if its my surface issue, but it seems to work only when its offset in a certain range. After it passes a certain value, it doesnt seem to shatter the curve properly. Even with my previous script this seems to be an issue. Would really appreciate if could help. Here are some photos illustrating what I meant. Sometimes the components turn Red as well, but somehow the data manages to pass through.


Sometimes the offset-curve-on-surface goes out of the surface. Extend the surface in this case or filter out the one at the end in this case.

Sometimes the wrong curve is choosen after the curve trimming. Make sure you always pick the one in the middle and not based on the index only.

Thanks @Tom, do appreciate the feedback. Will keep in mind.