Transparent Surface

Hello All,

When I saved my model from Spaceclaim to Rhino 5 I get the following “issue”.
Some surfaces are transparent as you can see in the screenshot below.
Both surfaces are in the same layer, not SetObjectDisplayMode has been used.
Any idea why this is happening?
transparent_srf.3dm (40.7 KB)

Thank you in advance

The surface is invalid, you’ll probably have to _Rebuild it.

Your trim curve is bad. Use _Untrim on the surface with _KeepTrimObjects=_Yes. Select the trim curve that results, _Explode it and then re-Join. You will see that it is still open after that (small gap at the end of the arc part) you can simply move a control point on the straight part next to it to close it. Then use the closed, fixed trim curve to trim the surface again.


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Thank you both for your answers.
The solution by Mitch worked quite well!