Trim Tree vs Shift Paths

What is the difference between “Trim tree” and “Shift Paths” ?
I can’t seem to find a tree that would be transformed differently by one vs the other…

By the way, thanks to whoever brought us the “Shift Paths safely” component !

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I guess that’s 52 fellows who thought there would be an answer to this question here, because they also are befuddled by this “Trim” and “Shift” business, but are affraid to ask.

Yes, they seems to be very similar…

You can shift path by positive or negative integer.
Negative shift behave like Trim, by “pruning and simplifying branches”.
Like “collecting all the leaves of a branch, cutting the branch, and gluing the leaves where it was the branch”

Positive shift do the opposite, like “trimming a tree from the ground up to a certain height, and then planting all the remaining branches where the tree was”.


Trim tree can’t use negative integers…

… what is that?

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“Shift Path” by a negative value is like “Trim Tree” with a positive value.
No wonder people get confused by these tree management tools.

It’s like the “Tree Branch” which is like the dumb cousin of “Split tree”, except you need to put curly brackets in one case and not the other.

It can also be compared with “Replace Path” who is the idiot brother of “Path mapper”, as I argue here.

I’d much rather have less tools, but which can be used either with masks, either with hard values, but with a consistent syntax (and positive / negative value logic for that matter).

Something similar was recently discussed here: Are Ruled and edge surfaces necessary? … about midpoint, that example is good.

I think many components were added over time.
Currently Grasshopper 2 is under development and a lot of things will be different.
I’m quite sure all this matters were already noted and will be take into account during development.

If for some reason in your definition, your tree has unsufficient branching level for the Shift Path component, it doesn’t screw-up everything downstream by outputting nothing like ShiftPath does :

It’s similar to the “Suirify” component that doesn’t screw-up the tree structure in some instances where the “Simplify” option does :

Where do we find this Shift Paths safely component?

Found it !

It’s part of the Treesloth components.

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