Transforming a facade composed of surfaces into windows

Hi I’m Nil,

I’m trying to create windows in a a facade composed of surfaces. I’ve tryed several things, but nothing did really work. Could someone help me out?

Thank you in advance ! (4.1 MB)

hello Nil, maybe you can add a sketch or 3d model of the window you are trying to add?

Thanks for replying @Gijs, I really imagine a simple window as the one I’m showing in the hand sketch.

The tricky part for me, is to create a window that could adapt itself to the different dimensions of the surfaces.

Thanks again!

Nil, There are a lot of variables to consider here.

First and foremost question is what is the purpose of this model.

The main purpose of this model is to create windows for the facade of this building. So, building has already being completly programmed through gh (as you can see in the last picture), but the only elements missing where the windows.

I do agree that there are a-lot of variables to considere here. Therefore I thought it would be easier if I extracted the different facades of the building, creating one single type of element: surfaces. To make it easy to create the windows. Maybe my strategy is wrong, and I should have done it in another way…I’m quite new at this!

Thanks @Japhy for your response.


Here is the general grasshopper file with the entire building script. (4.1 MB)

for rendering? a 3d print model? Simulation (Ladybug)?? Permit Drawings? Constructions drawings SD,DD,CD? Level 500 Bim model? Fabrication parts?

For rendering.

How close to the building will you be rendering? Same as the images above?

Yes as close as the first image above.

So fairly low resolution. You just need push the windows proud of the building most likely, create a few joints on the spandrels if need be. Can you create an example without the plugins?

I’m not sure I know how to do that…I’m sorry…as I said before, I’m quite new at all of this. I can keep on trying though to find a way to try what you said!

High-rise buildings like this usually don’t have individual, framed windows that sit inside holes in the wall, like for instance smaller residential buildings, but rather more complex, multilayer, suspended facade systems (cf. mullion-transom facade, structural glazing facade, etc.) with climate control. In my opinion one of these would be a better fit here than what you show in your sketch.

Indeed, although this one is built with modules (cubes) and tries to imitate the Ricardo Bofill, Walden 7 building. So for this particular building I really wanted to emphasize on modularity.

I think a simple approach like this can work for what you are trying to do.

Thank You!