Creating a surface from closed helical curves

elliptical stair-1.3dm (498.0 KB)

Does anyone know which tool will create a surface from this closed curve?


You could just use a patch as it is, but I would only patches as a last resort because the clipped ends will affect how the surface is created.

Instead, I would:
Make a copy the enclosed curve.
Expode the copy.
Extend each end of the two long curves by a good amount.
Create a dummy curve at each end, perpendicular to the two long curves. Imagine that the stairs continued through the floor and ceiling, and your line is a ballister,
Use sweep a sweep 2 rails to create the surface.
Trim the surface using Wirecut, using the original clipped corners as a guide.

Hi Tortoise - Extrude the elliptical curve verticallly past the desired shape curve and then Split or Trim the result with that closed curve.


Thanks Brenda, very helpful except having trouble cutting surface with wirecut.