Trim Mesh with Curve


How can I trim a Mesh with a curve?

Explanation of Mesh.Split = a Mesh or Plane or Array of Meshes.

There is no function in the SDK to trim a mesh with a curve. I’ll see to adding a wish list item.

What you can do is extrude the curve so is fully extends through the mesh. Then create a mesh from the extrusion. Then spit the target mesh with the new mesh using Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.Split. You will need to figure what piece to throw away what pieces to keep.

Oke thanks. That’s what I am doing at the moment. Thought of using the curve directly but couldn’t find the function.

Thanks for the reply.

Funny, I was just looking for the same stuff. Do we know if this feature has been implemented in Rhino yet?

No, not yet.

I’ve used the Rhino 6 and found ‘SplitMeshWithCurve’ command in the console, but I can’t understand how to use it in my C# plugin.

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Hi @SergeyK,

RhinoCommon does not contain a method that will split a mesh with a curve. The best you can do, currently, is to script the SplitMeshWithCurve command using RhinoApp.RunScript.

– Dale

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