MeshSplit command not available


I need to split a mesh with an array of (joined) NurbsCurves. In the command line, I can simply type MeshSplit, which does the job. I can’t find such a function in RhinoCommon, only three versions to split with a Plane, Mesh or collection of Meshes.

Do I just not see it or is this not implemented in RhinoCommon?


Hi Pascal,

Perhaps I am confused, but the MeshSplit command can only use mesh-able objects (e.g. surface, polysurface, mesh, or extrusion) as the cutter. What am I missing?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I’ve made a short video to show you, what I’m doing:
Here you can see that I’m using a rectangle to split the mesh, but this also works with control point curves and so on.


I now have a workaround for this. At first, I’m translating the curve a bit in negative Z direction, then I extrude it in positive Z direction with the double length of the previous translation. Afterwards I transform the resulting Surface into a Brep, from which I can then create cutting meshes.

Great, thanks for the update.