C++ meshsplit command doesnot work

i want to use a curve to trim mesh.
firstly, use function RhinoPullCurveToMesh() to pull the curve to mesh.
Then, i create a tool mesh use the points on the curve.
Finally, i use the command MeshSplit to trim the target mesh with tool mesh, but it dosenot work
is there a function of command MeshSplit(C++)?
the command MeshSplit excute and return ture, but the target mesh was not trimed, is the tool mesh
has problem? what should i do?

Can you post your geometry and a sample of your source code that you cannot make work?

OK, sure. Target_Mesh.3dm (536.2 KB)AfterRunning.3dm (560.8 KB)MeshCut_Notwork.zip (24.0 KB)
I doubt if the tool mesh has some problem, Looking forward to your reply

RhinoMeshBooleanSplit(). See rhinoSdkMeshBooleanSplit.h for details.

@tim, can you take a look at Target_Mesh.3dm (posted) above and see why MeshSplit fails?

Thank you very much!
not successed in the end,but i found a command “SplitMeshWithCurve” that can pull the line to the mesh and split
the mesh.