Trim command crashing Rhino when using '_SelBrush

Hi there,

The trim command is super important, and very intuitive to use. However, I can only reliably use the drag window over items to trim. If I use -selbrush to make quicker and more accurate selections, it works sometimes, but often causes a fatal freeze, which on about 5 occasions has lost me 40mins of work.

I just did this test, and it froze.

Using the trim command, I selected the internal rectangle as the cutting object, then did '_SelBrush and selected the internal lines which worked (1, 2). When doing the same thing but brushing the curves outside the rectangle, it freezes indefinitely(3).



Is this something which can be fixed?

I’ve attached the file for testing if you want.
test.3dm (470.8 KB)


Hi Jeremy- I see this, thanks - selFence does it as well. It seems to go south when it gets a curve that cannot be trimmed by the selected cutters - is that what you see?
RH-68721 Trim chokes with SelBrush



In the meantime, for these situations, you might try the following. Will be even faster than using SelBrush inside Trim. (4.1 KB)

Oh wowowow… this is just a bit of an epic script.

I think that it will be beneficial for global trims, but for trims using open curves, the fixed selbrush/selfence will still be very useful.