Need Help For Trim Command

I want to execute “Trim” command by using Cutting object = select Obejct Id and “Objects to Tirm” = Box selection

Trying something as given below.

“_-Trim -SelID a011e04b-375a-4ab9-9271-e64b9efe69fd _Enter -SelBox S=C -117.2,-58,40 210.000003064,-58,40 210.000003064,462,40 210.000003064,462,106.000000000053”

If I Execute commands 1 by 1 then it works. That means

1] Execute _-Trim

2] Then Exeucte -SelID a011e04b-375a-4ab9-9271-e64b9efe69fd

3] Then Execute -SelBox S=C -117.2,-58,40 210.000003064,-58,40 210.000003064,462,40 210.000003064,462,106.000000000053

But I want to execute total command as I am creating command text from my C# RhinoScript module;

Hi Geeta,

Trim is not a command that can easily be scripted because the command relies on where the user picks on the object to trim. Perhaps a better approach is to Split, rather than Trim. Once you’ve split, then figure out which of the newly created objects to throw away.

Does this help?

– Dale

Yes sirThank you…Did the same way :slight_smile:
Thanks and RegardsGeeta