Trim Bug v5 latest buil

Any suggestions?

23.3dm (291.0 KB)

Salut Jennifer,

Hmm, seems to be funny, yes… I get correct results if I trim the surfaces one by one…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Mitch!
Yes I know 1 at a time works fine… strange this looks to be a bug a bug, the curves r offseted on surface so perfect intersection and it makes sense then to select the all to trim and get correct results…

Hi Jennifer,

both surfaces and 3 of the 4 curves contain multiple knots. If i get rid of them using _RemoveMultiKnot i can trim all in one go. But during the trimming, i have to click 2 times on the lower side of the surfaces and on the upper side there seems to be a strange curve displayed, which vanishes when i end the trim command.


thanks Clement
so its a bug or in anyway a strange behavior… hope Pascal can see this and answer this…