Trigger or Enabled component if the result is Null

Hi All,
I have some problem
For example : Some time my component “Number” not run, so I have to select → enabled and it run good.
So do we have any example about enabled component when the result is null or True (convert null to True).
So I won’t select and enabled again.
( I have many component " Number" in my file, and I only want enable the component “Number” I want)
Thank you

Im not quite sure what do you mean, but try to use gate components.

Thank you,
The result some time not run, I have to select and enabled by my hand, so the result “75” won’t out, so the gate can’t help. I’m trying to get back automatic enabled if the result is Null.
Thank you for spend your time for me.

Can we enabled and disable by nickname of component in python ?

you can enable/disable components through Metahopper
see video at minute 5:25 → 14 Cool Things You Can Do with MetaHopper on Vimeo

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Thank you, I did it.
Have a nice day.