Triangulated mesh (Delauny?) following a surface


I would like a triangulated mesh, following a surface , with nudge-able control points

The mesh should be made from full lines that intersect,
and it would be very cool if i could nudge a whole line, instead of having to nudge each individual ctrl pt.

Would someone please have any suggestions how to do this ?
Or perhaps be so kind to enter a dialogue with me about different ways to go about it ?

I have already tried this with intersecting lines on the C-plane, and projecting the intersected points on to the surface in z-direction, but this is not fully viable method, because it is tricky to get the pattern right on the lower area of the surface, where the angle for projection is very steep.

What you see here , I have divided the edge curve into two halves and made a Sweep 2,
Then I divided each half curve into an even number of points.

then I extracted isocurves from the sweep2 surface, alligned to each division point. and then divided each iso curve again, so i have a lot of points all following the surface.

Then I manually made degree 1, interpolated curve-through-point Curves, using only some of the division points.

And deleted the unused points.

This method is rather time consuming, and I am looking for a faster way to do this.

I work typically manually in Rhino, using History a lot, but if needed i could also use GH,

(preferably with simple definitions in GH ?)

Thank you so much in advance !

SubD ALGAE - Sweep2 GLASS SRF.3dm (2.7 MB)

Nudging intersected control points:

1 Like (55.1 KB)

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Hi Quan Li

thankyou !

How do you get the lines ? I only see this in my file? (RH8 Mac)

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Share the geometry?

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lunchbox edit1.3dm (674.5 KB)

lunchbox (438.7 KB)

Your surfaces have different UVN orientations.
Unify them first or manually change them before doing the lunchbox procedures.

Thanks - where do you get the unifyUVc component ?
Are you on windows version ?

Yes, Windows. I got it from F4R.

Ah ok. Im on the Mac version. How do i unify manually in Rhino ?

Sorry, I don’t know.

ok, il find out some how…

Did you see the added video in my post about nudging control points in the mesh ?