Surface from control point mesh

Is it possible to create a surface directly from a mesh analagous to CurveThroughPt with CurveType=ControlPoint? Perhaps add a “points from mesh” option to SrfControlPtGrid which would enable selecting a suitable mesh rather than each point in sequence? The control point mesh might originate with ExtractControlPolygon used on a mesh.

Hi David - off hand I don’t see how this could be reliable - with a mesh there is more chance of success then just points, to be sure,(I suppose on a mesh there may be a way to order the points into rows and columns if they are arranged that way) but the mesh would need to be a grid so it would only work some of the time at best.


Pascal, I agree that the mesh would need to be a grid, but picking the individual points is error prone and frustrating. Get just one point wrong and you need to start over.

I know… a tune up to that command with a stage to edit the inputs would be good. Let me think a bit about how that might work…


You can try this script - you will need to extract the points from the mesh - if it is large, you can do it as a pointcloud, the script accepts either individual points or a pointcloud.

If the grid of points is organized, the script should be able to figure out the order. The “grid” needs to be aligned generally along the World XY plane (the xy coordinates of the points, not the Z of course).

FWIW… (6.0 KB)