Triangulate Mesh in one direction

I need some advice on how to maintain the trinagulation of the mesh in in one direction. I am referencing a concave surface, and the mesh flips due to the distance between vertexes being shorter in that direction.

I use this to get the dualmesh hexagon grid via weaverbird (lunchbox’s hexagon component doesn’t work as well for me for me). This later become the basis for a kangaroo simulation, but that is not relevant for this.

How can I get the mesh to resemble the marked-up version? Any advice much appreciated.


Thank you so much @DanielPiker , I did not see that thread.

Thanks for all your work in general, I am gawking at what you’ve been able to accomplish and achieve for the community.


Thank you @DanielPiker for all the help on this. Here is what it ended up as: Beehive Pavilion / OCA (Office for Collective Architecture) | ArchDaily