Mesh Triangulation

On the left is a triangulated mesh done with the standart triangulation component. On the right is a triangulation, which I have done manually. Any way or existing plug-in which can do this?


I think it takes the shortest diagonal if there is one, so maybe you could deform the quadrants inwards, triangulate, then deform back to the original shape.

Or just triangulate a quarter, array it around and rejoin

I was thinking of a way to draw the diagonals from the center of the shape outwards and then use Weaverbird to recreate the mesh from lines.

Something like this :slight_smile:
But I wonder if I can make it simpler. (50.6 KB)

Yes that should work too. For more complex quad meshes it might also be nice to have a function that takes some input curves, and for each quad chooses the diagonal most aligned with the closest curve

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My train of thought may be divided into four parts and then one of them. Mirror.

Seemed like it might be useful, so I made a script for triangulating by closest curve direction: (6.7 KB)


Fun to see what happens when you equalize the triangles produced from this (14.3 KB)


The diagonals at the bottom right corner are the other way around. The rest is perfect. :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow?
You choose the direction with the input curves.
For the pattern in your post at the start, you’d give it 2 crossed lines:

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OK! I was trying it out and yes, the curves as a guide do the trick pretty well. I will play with some random shapes and see what I can get.

I inflate the mesh later on, so I should not have flat faces at the corners and also this way the curvature of the entire shape is way better at the end.

Damn this is trippy as hell :smiley:

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Look at it when you use the guide curves the way I needed. Pretty neat thing :slight_smile: (12.6 KB)


Look at that curvature analysis. Look at that symmetry.


I added another little script for if you want to use an irregular boundary curve - it trims off any faces outside the curve, and also any ‘hanging’ triangles with 2 boundary edges: (14.9 KB)


God dammit Daniel, this is pure beauty!!!

wow !!


Hi , do you think this approach can work also with multiple curves?

I have a mesh generated trimming a surface with a series of closed curves and then Mesh Brep.
When I thicken and smooth the final result is bad, since the topology is not regular ( see below).

I tried out the exemple shown above, but I don’t understand what is going wrong…

Here’s the file. (132.0 KB)


I updated this to work with nested curves :slightly_smiling_face: (14.7 KB)