Triangular truss

I am trying to create a triangular truss on a curve but it is going haywire! Seems like there is some mistake in cull pattern in my script. Somebody have a look ! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

triangular truss.3dm (74.1 KB) triangular (17.1 KB)


Try with LunchBox

triangular (7.3 KB)


I am very close to what I want. I just dont want these two lines which are intersecting the whole truss from start to end . Rest all is perfect!! Lunchbox won’t allow me to create 3d truss on a curve so thats why I made a workaround.

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Please have a look on this!


triangular truss.3dm (139.7 KB) triangular (23.2 KB)

Check this

triangular truss (1) (15.8 KB)

This is for understanding.

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Thank you sooo much!!! :slight_smile: