Creating simple bridge structure in a recursive script Python for Rhino

Hi Everyone I’m new to the forum and also new to scripting in Rhino, in fact I have only been able create very basic geometry using Python for Rhino.

About my project and what I want to create,

I would like to create a triangular truss structure and apply a recursive function to it and array it as a copy to the length of a given curve. I also want to add more trusses on top of each other when the trusses are near the centre of the curve. The logic that I want to apply is the weakest point which would be the middle of the curve, would have more trusses to support it.

I would highly appreciate your help and anything that you can help me with as I have been stuck with this for a week as this is part of my university project.

Hi Aaron,

Have you considered using Grasshopper for this?
It might be easier to set it up.

In any case it is best to be more specific and provide examples to get specific feedback.


Hi Willem,

I’m not allowed to use grasshopper for this particular project as this is a university project and they would like us to only use python or GH with python scripting. I have uploaded 2 images to show what I’m aiming to create. Once I can create this line work using a recursive function I will then simply pipe the curves to give it some thickness.