Mesh machine?

as kangaroo is part of the rhino 6 installation i thought we would get mesh machine as a standard component, but can´t find it anywhere. do i miss something? or does it have to be installed separetely?

There is a simple mesh machine as part of the new Kangaroo release (2.5 beta), but for the full Mesh Machine component where you can vary the sizes of faces, etc.—that comes with the last release of Kangaroo 0.099.

This is just what I believe to be the case. I could be missing something.

It would be nice to have the full Mesh Machine component appear (the one without the need for a timer) in the same toolbar as Kangaroo 2.5. Perhaps there’s a way to do that manually.

so kangaroo 2.5 (beta) does not have the mesh machine component?
is there an extra install for the MM?

It has a simplified version of it. If you go under the Mesh tab, it’s a component called SimpleRemesh.

cannot find it under mesh/utilities. only a “Simple Mesh” component. are you sure it has not been installed with a kangaroo installation additional to standard rhino 6 installation?

I don’t think it comes standard w/ Rhino 6. You have to install the latest release of Kangaroo, which is Kangaroo 2.5. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you’ll find the download link.

thanks for the info!

on your screenshot i saw another tab named “kangaroo”.
is this kangaroo 1? did you install this too separately? (i like some older kangaroo components and sometimes also the solvers behaviour)

Yeah, that’s Kangaroo 1…which is the latest version 0.099. It also has a Mesh Machine component that has more options than the one that comes with Kangaroo 2.5

ah, i see. that was the one i was looking for.