Triangular openings around a curved shell


How can I create something that looks like the first attached image? I want to have a curvilinear envelope with openings (that are triangle-like) of various sizes that wrap around my train station design. I want the largest openings to be at the center and fade away toward the edges. I attached an image below of my section; you can see how it’s a shell that emerges from the ground. The envelope I want to design would wrap around the building as a whole.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

first autocad-Sections on A1.pdf (167.0 KB)

Have you opened grasshopper and played around with attractor points / curves etc? There’s hundreds of tutorials about it.

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I’m new to grasshopper so I don’t really know how to play around with it. Do you know what I can google exactly to get a tutorial of how to do something similar?

Attractor Points. Which will then lead you to trying Attractor Curves. That’s more or less the basis of creating variations in geometry. It won’t give you exactly what you need, but it’s a good place to start learning to get you there.

Hi everyone,

i’m doing my first steps on grasshopper , i want to model structures like doms with triagular mesh as shown on the pictures, i want to know of there is a method to control easly the parametrc triangular mesh to model a geodesic doms or paramétric floors using triangular mesh for exemples.

thank you.


Checkout the Trimesh component. (30.5 KB)

The definition slider settings are for a decimal feet .3dm file

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