Help pls. triangular parametric facade

Hey, I hope eveyrones doing well. I am an architecture student who is pretty new to grasshopper. I have created a triangular panel system on my geometry. (see below picture)

However (using the tri Panels (lunch box), with the shape I am using, the tripanels only work with the U 8 and V 20, but I’m looking to get a more symetrical triangle, (with something like U8 V10), however if i change the tri panels to that shape it distorts the surface. (see picture 2)

Ive attached the script, please if anyone could help, that would be really appreciated.
Triangle Panels .gh (21.4 KB)


If you’d like to make this definition I provided works, you should keep at least 3 triangular panels at the narrow end of the trapezoid,
so, the overall proportion of the triangle and the U&V division count is critical…