Triangle Panels around curve

Hi Guys!

How can I create a similar condition to this image on grasshopper where the lines of the triangle align?
Please and thank you.

Just use the Lunchbox.

thank you! but what if i dont want the building to be shaped like a tube. I wan it to be more kind of like this:

Is there a way i can extrude the base curve into a surface?

Please share a file including the surface.

Nautilus (9.7 KB)
@laurent_delrieu Hi, I try to use the HexagonOnSurface component in the Nautilus plugin, but there are overlapping hexes at the seam position. I am not sure if this is not the right case to use this component.

The result is normal I didn’t try to tile the ends. First purpose of this tool was for open tube. At the moment there is not recursion oprimization

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Got It, Thanks!